Human Rights Campaign Foundation

RK Evaluation & Strategies led and facilitated multiple projects for the Children, Youth, & Families Program of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. We led the development of a report on a landmark survey of more than 10,000 LGBT youth, and produced additional reports from that sample. We served as a consultant for the All Children – All Families initiative, managing the work plan and deliverables in its initial phase in 2007 and facilitated five annual planning sessions of its National Advisory Council. In that role, we led the creation of a comprehensive guide of promising practices in the field in 2007, and four revised editions of the guide — conducting more than 100 interviews, gathering numerous sample documents, writing and editing the report. We also led program staff through a strategy mapping process to develop a work plan for the Welcoming Schools Initiative and facilitated planning meetings for the initiative’s National Advisory Council in 2010 and 2012. We conducted a strategy mapping session to create an action plan in 2011 for the Healthcare Equality Index initiative and facilitated a program planning process at the inaugural meeting of HEI National Advisory Council.

Project materials