Graphic recording of advocacy evaluation workshop

Graphic recording of advocacy evaluation workshop

Program Planning & Facilitation

Whether you have new ideas or established programs, RK Evaluation & Strategies can help you plan. We offer meeting facilitation and training to help your team understand what you want to do – and what changes you want to achieve. Using the program logic model, strategy mapping, the advocacy evaluation framework, developmental evaluation approaches, and other tools, we help organizations plan and enhance their programs and advocacy efforts. Together, we can identify the resources needed, the strategies and tactics that offer the best chance for success, and the outcomes you seek. Planning sessions with program leaders, staff members, boards of directors, and other stakeholders are customized to client needs and produce materials that propel action, such as customized program logic models and detailed work plans.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Organizational leaders want to learn and improve – they work every day to make change in the world. At the same time, foundations, government agencies, and donors seek more thoughtful feedback on the outcomes and effectiveness of the programs and advocacy campaigns they support. Monitoring and evaluation can fulfill both of these obligations. RK Evaluation & Strategies can design approaches to help organizations measure what they do and what difference they make, including methods for advocacy and policy organizations engaged in efforts to produce long-term systemic change. We offer a range of evaluation services, from engagements to create evaluation plans and specific data collection tools to management and implementation of comprehensive evaluation projects. RK Evaluation & Strategies is ready to conduct and analyze surveys, interviews, focus groups, observational checklists, literature reviews, and more.

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Evaluation Training & Technical Assistance

We offer training sessions in all aspects of program evaluation — in-person and online. Sessions include webinars on advocacy evaluation, in-person half-day sessions on outcomes and results, multi-day trainings on all aspects of evaluation, plus one-on-one support and assistance.

Research & Writing

RK Evaluation & Strategies combines skills in research methods with experience in strategic communications and journalism to write and edit powerful program materials. Deliverables range from marketing brochures and web content to comprehensive research reports.