Ricardo J. Salvador, Director and Senior Scientist, Food & Environment Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

Robin and her firm worked with us to track a rapidly evolving project over the course of two years. She joined us after one year of the three-year undertaking had elapsed, was quick to understand the ongoing dynamics and complexities, and rapidly proposed an evaluation approach that has effectively served us, our partners and our funder. The hallmark of Robin’s work is attention to data, evidence and context, which are collected with great sensitivity to both facts and nuance. Her reports are crisp, well organized, and without fail completed on schedule. The combination of all these characteristics resulted in an accurate picture of where we stood, what worked, what needed improvement, and what had been overlooked completely. As scientists, we value accuracy, impartiality and rigor. In Robin we have found a partner on whom we can rely to provide independently gathered information and analysis to improve our performance. I enthusiastically recommend her work, approach and professionalism without reservation.